SmartCharge Rewards®
Behavioral load shifting for EVs

Gain a complete understanding of electric vehicle charging while shaping load.

Engaging with electric vehicle customers in a service territory can be challenging, until now. SmartCharge Rewards™ is a plug-and-play rewards platform designed to enable utilities to shape EV load. It also avoids the hassle of installing submeters to collect vehicle charging data. Battery state-of-charge and other vehicle-side-data provide a comprehensive understanding of EV activity anywhere charging occurs. Roll-out is easy, running independently or in parallel with other programs.

SmartCharge Manager

SmartCharge Manager
Direct load control for EV charging

The only direct load control solution that guarantees drivers will have enough range for their next trip.

The increase in electric vehicle adoption has made managing EV charging load essential. FleetCarma SmartCharge Manager™ makes it possible to manage charging load and answer to demand response calls by curtailing EV charging. Better vehicle-side data tracks battery state-of-charge allowing station and energy managers to guarantee a minimum state-of-charge for drivers. Drivers are guaranteed they receive the charge they require and electrical overloading is avoided.

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